Friday, October 1, 2010

i'm back.

heha! How long i din't update my blog?
feel miss out lots of memory again..
because i'm lazy..aixx..
Erm..where am i start?

EXAM coming soon.getting stress one day by one day..i cant waste the money of parents.b'cos i took lots of tuition and wasted lots of money..i should be appreciat to them right?i know then.I LOVE MY FAMILY.thanks my mind still awake.tell me that wat's wrong wat's correct..STUDY HARD..FRIENDS!! dearest friend.RYNN HOONG JIN SHIN..she gonna immigration to USA,OREGON...
how sad am i..she fly on 13OCT 2010.I'll remember the date i with her and friends.i'll remember how we we joy..i'm not so in close with her.but.i know the friendship that we all have..cant explain..i treasure it much.. Hope that got chance.i'll go find her and sit down share our study life,our experience and so on..In 2009,i met her..first time i saw her..she was shy..and dint talk so much with her also..i knew that she loves basketball much and also school team .i think alomost one year we are friends..i love the friendship we have..i know she will miss all of us too..At last,i wish her have a save journey and peace life in oregon..Rynn..i love you..THat's our frinship........T.T.....................

Okays...1 years.i need to leave my secondary school...why must time past so fast?!
huh?haha..I"M treasure the life with in my secondary life..4 years.i did much different..from form 1 untill form 4.i learnt many moral value? ENJOY much..i cant miss out one of the lesson i have.i want my secondary life full of memory..

upload pic soon..maybeXD


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Xiao Noe said...

shin go jorr~ miss...T.T

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