Saturday, February 7, 2009

short-tempered day..

morning wake at 650am..
cos of band..
so must early go skul 4 practice..
1month no hav any practice..
2day must go..
dun know why..
at band no hav any accompany liao..
damn sien n fel lonely..
i still goes 4 practice?
maybe brain hav sum problem..
marching,section practice..
same with b4..
den 2day new student frist day join band..
maybe no feel band is interst..
dun know..
juz do my best..
is no my job 4 all..
den finished at 1 pm..
s.l cal me arrange the stand..
wait n wait..
my mood hav bit no good 2day..
maybe 2 lonely..>.<..
when i finish arrange stand...
kena quater say..
cos is 2 messy ..
sorry ya~
bth liao..
fast go pondok wait my mum fetch..
when my sis is called her..
my mum say going out ..
den wait 1hour ago..
my mum only reach skul fetch us..
fetch ppl so hart?!
or them r bz..
hop can fast grow till can drive car age..
XD..den..go eat..
finish eat..
fetch bro juz finish tuition..
reach home..
cos mood is worst..
den straigh sleep..
till 6~
lik a pig..
k la..
2day is almost finish..
stay happy......

and and and!!

i start learning piano..

my target..

study hart ..
change my temperament..
music improve

maybe tat's all..

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