Sunday, January 25, 2009

the best day

v r at green box out site^^

kailin write birthday card 2 litong mom

hehe..4of them


litong n liying

me+litong smile 1^^


transparent box=.=

i wan 2 say sumthing of yesterday..
wakaka.. morning wake at 8am..
i know was bit early.. but auto wake up also..
lol.. wake up le..
ntg do.. den on9 at lap top..
sudden.. feel the lap top hav problem..
omg..cham lorhh..
den i juz go listen classical..
nice.. love it very much..
n start from feb..
i'll learn piano.. oh yes!!
muahaha.. erm.. listen till half..
my mum sudden cum in 2 say..
"mum:tee arh..u so free arh..why dun go hang cloth..i was tired..dun ply anymore..@#$%!^&*..many many.."
lol.. i sure bit beh song liao..
den ma go do the house work.. finish house work.. continue ply laptop..
juz wan start do my home work.. "zezeeze"vibrate sound..
my phone is cuming.. den saw the contact is +65 start de phone num..
den ma listen lo.. "halo..i'm li tong (singapor fren)..
i fel so suprise.. so ask 1 more tim li tong?!
den she say she cuming klang.. n wan 2 go klang de hui suo..
i fel very very suprise.. den bla bla bla..many..
i 4got d.. paisei..
den my mom in my room n !@#$%^&* again.. after tat.. i ask my mum can i go meet my fren..
wakao.. my mom no let 'pa dan zi' n say no do house work n scold me till 996..
omg.. fire is cuming.. but i oso fast fast go do house work.. do finish.. bath n go new jj 2 meet litong n her sis..
when i there.. jylin n kailin was at kfc 2 meet them.. den them saw me.. juz say.. 'blur blur yantee' =.=
where i blur i also dun know' lol~>~ den v go popular c.. 4of them so geng.. all study book de..
lol.. den litong n her sis no enaugh $$ 2 pay.. den go 1st floor 2 find her mum take $$.. till there.. her mum is going toilet..
juz left her dad.. hello uncle.. lol.. uncle was friendly n kind.. XD.. shake hand v me.. lolxx her dad cal me eat more!! cos y?? maybe i'm 2 short.. sobs..T.T haha.. wait n wait talk n talk.. litong mum oso haven cum.. litong is pekcheck.. haha.. aunty is cum bac.. halo aunty.. her mun was kind oso.. lol.. tzu ji ppl.. lolxxX den finish buy book.. go s&j buy the decorations.. tat is damn cute.. wakaka
after tat v r going green box sing k.. so nice.. butt.. v at the transparent de box sing.. omg.. who hav dare at there sing.. but v r at there.. wakaka.. sing k finish.. v go 2 toilet .. so funny.. v r there take pic n write birthady card 2 litong mum.. haha.. cum out from toilet..
litong dad was bought ice cream.. wakaka.. kai lin eat till so delicious.. wakaka..
'titotitotitotito'tim is over.. it was ready 3.30pm.. so fast.. litong n her family was wanna back.. sobs.. v r sent them at jj door out n wait taxi..
at last.. v r hugged.. n promis will go singapor meet them^^ ok....... hehhee..

den them is ready back.. i oni cal my mom 2 fetch me..omg.. she call me at '2L' wait her.. opposite jj.. omg.. so hot n far lorhhxx.. den nvm..
walk till there i fast fast go 7-eleven buy green tea 2 drank.. cos i haven eat n feel thirsty.. wait a wait a.. so long.. haven cum.. haizz.. cal again.. say is cumming.. =.='' so i wait 15min at there.. siennxx.. its was funny n happy 2 meet them^^..

huh.. when i bac home..need 2 do huse work again.. lol..tired de lorhh.. den rest do rest do.. lik dis till 11 lik dis..

me n my family is going 2 c 赤壁.. lol.. 1145~0200++lik tat.. my mum was damn funny..
c till half slip.. den when she wake up..say:why haven fight finish..' cos when she start slip.. the war was juz start.. lol..
damn funny at the cinema.. wakaka.. 230 reach home.. omg.. i haven bath..wait my sis bath.. curi curi slip awhile..
den finish bath.. is ready 3++am.. omg.. is great day at dis say.. love ittttt... wakakaka..
stop at here.. very very paisei cos weak english..
hop my dear fren will understand ya^^..
i know is vert long n fei..
happy chinese niu year^^

i haven do my home work leh..
my teacher say if before cny haven finish homework..
the homework will worst..
i think i beleive..
do homework larh..

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