Thursday, June 2, 2011


i FAIL every thing.

1/6.i failed my driving exam.

can you imagine?every one was passing driving exam without any pressure.but i'm the stupid who feel pressure and failed on my parking time..people tell me.thing was happened and cant return back.just let it go and test again..oh ghost..i am such a failer..idoit me..i am really super nervours..actually i should very confident on my driving skill..but when exam that time...SUCK!...i feel the worst thing in my, last time i failed my undang.and after 15 min.exam again.only pass..why i am a girl who like to last min?i can't even control my temper.oh shiiiiiit...cant i just normal over my life?the HURTS is keep appears on my mind.the image is keep appear to me ..this failed was a hurt of me...i knew because i lack of confident..i keep think how, if i fail my driving exam=(.super tears cant control scolded by my mom and dad.they not support me at mom feel i trouble dad feel i am wasting his sibling feel i am suck..(just my imagine)..

i am upset, i am blue.

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