Friday, June 4, 2010

SWEET June holidayss

so.i'm planing to cut my super long hair in coming days.but dun know when is the coming date=X

i miss my front hair much.but for long for short.i still is me.lala~so. not so important.

exam is happy am i now=)
relax man.but i can't even imaging coming with the shit rude am i now.
i scare my parent are dissapointed with the result.i am sure not do well in the exam.huh..
how bad are that.getting stress with this kind of thing ..neninenipupu.blaaaahh.ish~
so.the coming three with school padang and the HOT SUN again.

BAND.the evil in my life.but sure.i love and enjoy it.cant believe i was said out this.
what i am trying to say,actually BAND are very intersting and full of joy in our life.
but some of political thing.let me felt.BAND was cruel in my life.anyhow.the last two formation and every thing . IN my secondary it.I CAN DO IT!

blahhhh~ermm..two weeks holiday.i promised lot of date.but how.?i dun even know i have the time and free to attend those gather or pity am forgive me if i put u guys airplant=)

enjoy the SWEET JUNE holidays.
start off my busy life again

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