Saturday, May 16, 2009 r my dear..;D primary best fren..sudden sms me..but i fall as sleep..and already off my dear phone..juz now..i sms and say sorry with n chat..we chat till her bf..firstly,her bf treat she vry vry good..but she no lik..she need freedom..after tat..her bf break up with her..reason is he return freedom to her..a few month ago..them together again..dis time gone..the boy treat her very cool..she cant bear it..change till her break up with her bf..i keep comforted her..hope she wont let a LOVE word kill down..perhaps..she really missing with her life her any any thing..
p/s:dun really LOVE someone if you are relasionship..especially bother the puppy is the important..(no call u break la..ZZ)hehe..'folk ppl saying stories..'

i know her for 8years..
miss contact her 1years something..
now sudden find the feeling..
tat's FRIENDS..
i could no find it for every day every second and every minutes..
i'm gratz feel now..!!

for my prepare..
i sure i can get..
sorry for saying unconfortable word..
i not use my whold heart to study..
i sorry for my teacher,family..friends..

i need to cheerless..
think of my future,life
set a target..paying attention..
i know and i trying 2 complete it..
why i am using english write blog?
i need to english,grammar..
i know..but my fren..forgiv i write the worst and broken eglish..
anything comment me..thx..
remind me..and..we r friends..!!

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